Vestern 2: Another Western

It's the sequel you've been waiting for! Margo and Ted are back in another western, Vestern 2! Watch the original Vestern, here:
This film was made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose 2012. The requirements were as follows:
Genre: Western (or Musical)
Character: Joe or Josephine O'Kane, a commissioner
Prop: Pinata
Line of Dialogue: Perhaps you'd like to rephrase that.
I hope you enjoy it!
Written & Directed by: Christian Pizzirani
Co-written by: Kevin Miller
Co-written by: Jason Salazar
Director of Cinematography: Christian Pizzirani
Props and Costumes: Evelyn Huynh
Sound and Boom: Erik Browne
Angie Higgins
Tom Shamrell
Janine Burgener
Melinda Marks

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